Alternatively, Post Ident in a postal agency is offered only at business hours and takes longer to activate your SIM. Default rate outside packages on all tariffs is a "day flat" of 0. From 10 July these new tariff lines for 28 days are offered with theoretical data up to Mbps in LTE-A, but in reality much lower rates due to some congestions at places:.

All add-on packages also renew automatically, if there is enough balance and they have not been stopped. This SIM has only data, no voice and is aimed at tablets and modems. It is sold in a seperate starter pack called o2 go prepaid for 9. Activation is online through your o2 account. Having used up data quota, speed will be throttled to 64 Kbps. Blau uses now the network of o2 which has a reasonable coverage nationwide and a good performance in the cities.

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Blau starter packs can be found at a large number of retailers at many service stations, some supermarkets, the big electronic market chains and at most o2-branded shops too. Blau sells a variety of starter packs:. When you buy it in an o2 store, let them do the activation. At many places mentioned reload vouchers can be bought. Blau-branded or or any E-Plus voucher can be used. They have a list of countries available that can be checked here , which way you need to go.

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For PostID you need a stable internet connection and a device with camera. Alternatively, PostIdent in a postal agency is offered only at business hours and takes longer to activate your SIM. All ackages last for 28 days. All packages must be activated through your personal account. They will auto-renew, if not stopped. Combo and data-only packs can't be mixed. The data-only packages can only be added to a Surf plan. In the billing cycle was reduced to 28 days, rates lowered and you can use all allowances in the EU without surcharges making it one of the cheapest roaming offers.

Starter packs are exclusively available in any Aldi store, Germany's leading discount supermarket chain. They are not on display in the shops. You have to ask at the cash register check-out for it. SIM cards are available for Or order them online to be sent to a German postal address for the same price. You can register at Mein ALDI German only to monitor your current traffic usage no information about past packages is available , remaining balance, and change between tariffs.

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If you don't dial this code, ALDI will automatically try to activate a new data plan after expiration of the present one. This USB stick is sold at You can also find it on eBay. It's still at 1. That's the only way now. Of course, you can take the SIM from the stick after activation and put it in a smartphone. Don't use the old APN tagesflat anymore. It has been disabled for the daily pack and as o2's new APN is dynamic, you will be surfing on the high default rate instead.

Their 5. Even the dayflat can be used in EU roaming at domestic rates. Note that from their new roaming zone Switzerland has been excluded now. They still offer this only add-on for data roaming outside of Germany in Switzerland included: for MB in 7 days 4. When expired by volume or time it doesn't automatically renew, but can be activated again. NettoKOM starters are exclusively sold at Netto discounter markets locator.

Norma Mobil starters are only sold at Norma discounter stores locator. At both chains you need to ask for the packs at the check-out. Netto sells its SIM card for Don't take any other plan as you need a German bank account otherwise.

At many places reload vouchers can be bought. Any E-Plus voucher can be used; while Aldi and o2 vouchers won't work. Their SIM needs to be registered and activated before it connects to their network online in German only. All packages last for 4 weeks 28 days. All packages are auto-renewed at the end of the month. To stop call and dial Be aware that Switzerland is not included. This product with its Turkish name meaning moon and star is directed to the Turkish migrant market and the biggest immigrant group in Germany.

It's available from many kiosks at railway stations, service stations and can most often be found in small stores caring for Turkish migrants. It can also be ordered online to be sent to a German postal address. They charge 9. You need to register and activate in online here. Top-ups can be made almost everywhere. All E-Plus vouchers including Aldi talk codes can be used. Their SIM needs to be registered and activated before it connects to their network through here.

Data/ Tablet SIM only

They have a list of countries available that can be checked on this site , which way you need to go. They now offer only one tariff line called "aystar". Default data rate is a high 0. So buy packages valid for 30 days:.

Included calls in combo packages are to all German lines and Turkish landlines. You can reset data volume for more high speed data for the given rates. To activate a package, use their app, go to your personal account or call and follow instructions that are only in German. All packages auto-renew after 30 days, if there is credit. To top-up use E-Plus vouchers that are sold everywhere. Online top-ups by credit card or PayPal have been disabled, but can be made through agencies.

They have the long list of countries available that can be checked on this site , which way you need to go. Default rate is the usual overpriced 0. These packages are available for 30 days:. For activation, text code to VoIP is officially only allowed with the data-only packs, but possible on others too. When included volume is used up, speed will be throttled to 56 kbps.

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All allowances are valid all over the EU. All packages don't include SMS. All monthly packages auto-renew if there is credit and not stopped. This can be done online on your account. It started in on the o2 network. As they still have a prepaid product line and a day flat it has been re-added to the list, even if their rates are not so competitive anymore.

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The SIM cards are exclusively sold in Tchibo stores, Germany leading coffee roaster chain, not in other stores, where there may be a Tchibo section too. In this store locator , you need to look for own branded Tchibo stores, indicated by a golden coffee bean on a blue background. You need to buy a starter set in Prepaid Tarif, not in Smartphone Tarif or Tablet Tarif as for the two latter you need to have a German bank account.

Triple-cut SIM are given out. Only the prepaid tariff stays prepaid all the time and you can add all packages later. Starter price is 7. You should do a recharge right away at the point of purchase. This can be done at the point of sale, when they can handle your ID.