NFL star accused of rape

Currently, Na is the number two ranked female tennis player in the world.

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She is the sixth woman in the history of tennis to complete the singles career grand slam. Kobe is one of the biggest athlete endorsers, ever!

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  • His charismatic personality, instant recognizability and million dollar smile are a perfect fit for Los Angeles and heading endorsement campaigns. Still not convinced he is worth all the hype? In , he picked up a deal to endorse psoriatic arthritis drug, Enbrel, after he was diagnosed with the disease and began using the drug for his treatment.

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    Federer is regarded by many to be the greatest tennis player ever. The question may be a less obvious one now, given the ubiquity of such business arrangements, but certainly it occurred to many when, 30 years ago, Nike struck the Jordan motherlode. While the latter still has power, today what matters are the perceived personalties within them, and their sometimes superhuman abilities.

    Nancy Lough is a professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she specialises in sports marketing — and she has no doubt as to why these days sports people have such resonance, and hence such commercial power, to the extent that, as she puts it, there is now an arms race in sponsorship deal-making even at college sports level, at least in the US.

    How to Become a Sponsored Athlete in 5 Steps

    But under that there is still a deeper emotional connection at play: he is, after all, the greatest tennis player of all time, so maybe Rolex is the greatest watch too. It tends to work — but not always. A report by Catalyst for the SportsBusiness Journal revealed, for instance, that avid soccer fans in the US are more likely than fans of others sports to engage with brands aligned with the sport, with a whopping 84 per cent connecting and then taking action with a brand that was in some way involved with soccer, with 36 per cent actually buying its products.

    Some 31 per cent of basketball fans did the same. Sometimes that alignment can become so culturally deep as to defy sense too. The question is whether anything can ever attract the same kind of passionate, die-hard following that sport and its big players do, or match the opportunities they give to a brand or a product affiliated with them.

    Nike ends deal with Antonio Brown amid sexual assault allegations | Sport | The Guardian

    And I doubt it. We do not sell, trade or rent user's personal identification information to others.

    Some sports stars cut by sponsors are released from their endorsement deals immediately, some get the benefit of the doubt. Nike, a company that stuck with Michael Phelps even through two DUI arrests, shredded Jason Giambi's contract after mere allegations of his steroid abuse.

    Money Talks, Baby

    Nike initially cut Michael Vick after he was tied to an illegal dogfighting ring, but then returned to the quarterback after his successful comeback to the grid iron, following his 21 months spent in a federal prison. Check out which athletes who lost sponsorships weathered the storm and which could never recover. However, an investigation revealed that the swimmers had made up most of the story. They actually vandalized a gas station after having too much to drink.

    The Aftermath: Details are still emerging regarding what exactly happened on the night in question. Jones denied the allegations to federal authorities before a grand jury.